2018 Great American Beer Festival Winners, Our Beers of the Week!

Stereo’s brewer Tina Thompson with her hardware at GABF 2018 – Photo courtesy Stereo Brewing

While the city of Denver is filled with over 60,000 beer lovers attending the Great American Beer Festival, an underground ballroom at a lower downtown hotel is jammed with 293 beer judges working their way through 8,864 beers in 102 categories. The newest style that was added saw the largest number of entries: 391 Hazy IPA’s overall.

Orange County and Long Beach doubled their medals from last year, a sign that we’re not only spoiled with world-class beer, its a sign that the scene is getting the attention it deserves. Here are the winners and notes for each.

Bronze: (repeat winner*)

  • The Bruery Mischief* American Belgo-Style Ale: Great to see one of the Bruery’s core beers drinking better than ever. 
  • Unsung Brewing Lumino American-Style Malt Liquor: Usually this category is dominated by Miller, Pabst, and Coors over the years. 
  • Green Cheek West Coast IPA is Dead!: With 311 entries, it’s incredible to get a win in this category. Green Cheek also won at the World Beer Cup for IPA a few months ago with Radiant Beauty.
  • Green Cheek Fools and Babies English-Style Mild Ale: Suck it, Andy Black.
  • Gunwhale Ales Hayshaker Classic Saison: One of the most under-appreciated beer styles and the people at Gunwhale Ales usually have multiple on tap at all times. 
  • Stereo Brewing Wall of Sound Oatmeal Stout*: Consistency is key. This repeat winner is one of my favorite stouts. 


  • Stereo Brewing Robot Imperial Red Ale: During Stereo’s summer tour, I bought a pack of Robot every week. Great to see Stereo win for a big old school malty beer at 9.5% that is curiously easy to drink. 
  • Beachwood Brewing Udder Love* Sweet/Milk Stout: This is the third medal for this beer, but it’s the first time since being made in their new HB brewery. As different brewhouses and locations can change a beer’s character, it’s great to see it get validation at the new location.
  • riip beer co Black the Riiper American Black Ale: When the award-winning brewer Ian McCall left Beachwood Long Beach to brew at riip, I knew we would see a medal pop up. 


  • Barley Forge Grandpa Tractor Dortmunder: This is such a hard beer style to nail and this is the first OC win in this category…just in time for Oktoberfest!
  • Noble Ale Works Nobility* Imperial IPA: Solidifying OC as “home of the IPA,” Nobility has won two medals at GABF and two at the World Beer Cup. 
  • Beachwood Blendery Funk Yeah Belgian-Style Lambic: It was bitter-sweet not seeing blender Ryan Fields on stage for a beer he helped create, but seeing new barrel honcho Harrison McCabe bring in the new era of funk to the Blendery was pretty sweet.

Notable: TAPS Fish House & Brewery Corona won silver for their Irish Red Ale, a beer that now has four GABF medals!

What are you waiting for? Go out there and sample some award-winning #ocbeer! 


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