14 Awesome Contemporary Tribute Bands

As the Weekly’s Club Editor (which means all the listings you see in our kick-ass concert calendar are managed by yours truly), I’ve noticed that mom and pop music venues across Orange County tend to host a slew of contemporary cover bands—some of these bands are even OC locals. Because of the re-occurring tribute gigs to contemporary bands, I’ve decided to gather a list of these acts for y’all to check out. So give the usual Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath tribute band at your local bar a break and instead, feast your eyes on a Misfits and Star Wars cover act (yes, that really exists) or a Strokes tribute band with an equally leather clad and drunken frontman impersonating Julian Casablancas. Also, a quick shout-out to OC venues that consistently showcase these tribute bands such as The Slidebar and The Continental Room in Fullerton and Diego’s in Santa Ana.

No Duh- (No Doubt Tribute Band)Orange County’s very own No Duh covers Orange County’s very own No Doubt with nostalgic visuals and wardrobe influenced by No Doubt’s lively ethos and Gwen Stefani’s edgy yet feminine street style. Even Gwen Stefani and Adrian Young have given No Duh their nods of approval.

Bleed American (Jimmy Eat World Tribute)

Laguna Hills’ Bleed American (named after Jimmy Eat World’s fourth studio album) are only a year into their existence so give these local guys a warm welcome at The Continental Room on March 1st, won’t cha?

El Scorcho ( A Tribute to Weezer)

Since 2004, Atlanta’s El Scorcho has played Weezer’s first album, The Blue Album, in its entirety and just to confuse you, they named their band after a song from Pinkerton, Weezer’s second album.

The 182’s (Blink 182 Tribute) “You might not ever see Blink-182, so you might as well see us,” chuckles the light-hearted frontman of Anaheim’s The 182’s who impersonate all members of the pop-punk legends. The 182’s rock local stages with the same juvenile antics of Blink 182 with Famous Stars and Straps shirts and black wrist sweatbands to match.

The Tooligans (A Tribute to Tool, A Perfect Circle & Puscifer) Hailing from Los Angeles just like the band they emulate, The Tooligans are more of an ultimate tribute to Tool’s recluse lead singer Maynard James Keenan. The Tooligans also pay tribute to A Perfect Circle and Puscifer—which are all Keenan fronted projects.

The Righteous & The Wicked – Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute

I wonder if the members of this RHCP tribute band all wear long socks too..

Maladjusted  (A Tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey)

These charming men from LA are guaranteed to give you the feels, Morrisey style. Check them out at La Cita in LA on February 8th.

Blasphemous Rumours – Depeche Mode Tribute band

Named “World’s Best Depeche Mode Tribute Band” by Richard Blade of KROQ & Sirius Radio, Blasphemous Rumours have performed Depeche worthy baritone vocals and ethereal synths since 2006. Check out their upcoming show cruise cleverly named Depeche Boat in Long Beach.

Under Covers of Darkness (A Tribute to The Strokes)

If The Strokes were from Orange County they’d look like this group of leather jacket sporting, slurred singing and polish guitar playing SanTana Chicanos.

Skadonna ( A Ska Tribute to Madonna)
Skadonna, it’s a tribute to Madonna but skankier.

The Sithfits (A Tribute to Star Wars and The Misfits)
“Punk rock from the dark side of the Force” is how this Star Wars inspired Misfits cover band called The Sithfits describes themselves. At a typical Sithfits show, you’ll experience homages to Darth Vader and even “The Imperial March” being played with heavy electric guitars, rad.

The Great Pumpkin (A Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins)

No, this isn’t a Peanuts and Smashing Pumpkins mash-up cover band (but if Skadonna and The Sithfits exist a Charlie Brown and Billy Gorgan doppelganger shouldn’t be too hard to pull off.) Catch these angsty rockers from Long Beach at The Slidebar on January 15th and The Gaslamp on February 4th.

Electric Sanctuary (A Tribute to The Cult)

Electric Sanctuary from our very own city of Orange celebrate post-punk rock band The Cult.

Metalachi (A Metal Cover Band Mariachi Style)


Have you ever heard Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” played acoustically with mariachi instruments? Well, now you can thanks to Los Angeles’ first and only mariachi metal band, Metalachi. Metal’s biggest hits are revamped with trumpets, violins, vihuelas, guitarróns and deep gritos as Metalachi proves to be one seriously chingon band. Make sure to check them out when they headline the Doll Hut on January 19th.

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