10.5 MPG from Valiant Brewing, Our Drink of the Week!

Tis the season for limited edition brews to come out of the woodwork. There's a WTF moment while I'm learning about Valiant Brewing's holiday saison named MPG. Instead of miles per gallon, it represents an infusion of molasses, persimmon and graham. Wait, what?

My knowledge of its origins comes from Cody Storts' kitchen gang known as the Culinary Militia, as they consulted on this particular blend. Despite an unusual combination, the 10.5 ABV is legit. As I'm sipping, it tastes less like a fruity cider and more robust–like a beer should.


Co-owner Brian Schroepfer sought out a cinnamon flavor without the spicy bite. Working with a textured product like graham crackers produced the desired effect. After Valiant posted a Facebook request for persimmons, they extracted the fruit's delicate sweetness using a sous vide method. Its presence can be detected in both the bouquet and delicate mouthfeel. Rich molasses rounds out the taste, making for one drinkable treat.

Available until it's gone, MPG is doing well at HopScotch. At Chapter One: The Modern Local in Santa Ana, it was “On Deck”, which isn't the same as being available (Hopefully you'll be able to request it by now). Rumor has it that you'll also find a tap at Anaheim's sold-out Brew Ho Ho inside The Phoenix Club. By the end of the year, it'll be a fleeting memory.

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