100 Favorite OC Dishes, #70: Crawfish Mac & Cheese from The Wharf

You know what’s tough to love about crawfish? Too much work for too little reward. Throw me a bag of shrimp, and I’ll endure the peeling contest, but forget trying to talk me into a bag of boiled, kickin’ crawfish. At least with other DIY cooking methods like shabu shabu, my hands don’t get dirty.

So when this new Cajun-Asian joint in Garden Grove began offering a crawfish macaroni and cheese option, I was ALL over it. Someone did the hard part already, and all I had to do was appreciate their handiwork? Done! This culinary version of my homemade tuna mac was as cheesy as can be. Served in a cast iron skillet, every forkful contained sizable chunks of seafood. Washing it down with beer in the middle of their bustling dining room made it better. So keep struggling with peeling duty, I’ll be macking on my pasta.

The Wharf is located at 12941 Main St, Garden Grove, (714) 530-1388; www.thewharfoc.com.

The List:

71. Malasadas from Dough Doughs Hawaiian Cafe 
72. Salsas from Salsa Bandolera 
73. Chorizo Breakfast Bagel at Spigas Bakery and Cafe 
74. Whole Chicken Combo at Falafelo  
75. Toothpick Lamb at Sichuan Impression 
76. Hainan Chicken Rice at Baos Hog 
77. Fruit- and Ice Cream-Topped Waffles at Crave 
78. Garlic Shrimp Poke at Costco 
79. Chimichurri Fries at Piaggo on Wheels 
80. Torta Cubana at Cancun Juice 
81. Adobo Bowl at Irenia 
82. Garlic Noodles at Krave Asian Fusion 
83. Broccolini at SeaSalt WoodFire Grill 
84. Spicy Tuna Roll at Yard House 
85. Amber Roll at Orange Roll and Sushi 
86. Frito Chili Cheeseburger at Burger Parlor 
87. Maui Sunrise at The Original Banzai Bowls 
88. Meals from The Performance Kitchen 
89. Pizza-Sized Quesadilla at Los Sanchez
90. Filipino Brunch at EATS Kitchen And Bar
91. Mexican Chocolate at the Pie Hole 
92. Biscuits at James Republic 
93. Mushroom Flatbread with Kale and Kumquat Salad at Lemonade 
94. Mexican-Style Gelatins from Santa Ana’s Gelatina Goddess 
95. Hot Pastrami Caesar Salad at Bruxie
96. Jalapeño Pupusas at Las Cazuelas
97. Meatball Sliders at Fresh Brothers
98. Buffalo Cauliflower at Mead’s Green Door Cafe
99. Raindrop Cake at Sunmerry Bakery
100. Doughrito at Surfin’ Donuts

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