10 Reasons Why Your Inner ’80s Child Wants to See NKOTB at Anaheim HOB

It’s true. New Kids on the Block are playing at the Anaheim House of Blues on May 27 (teenage squeal). In fact, they are stopping at HOB Anaheim exclusively in celebration of the venue chain’s 25th anniversary. Now many ‘80s children can summon their inner pre-teen, grab their old school crimper, and glob on their neon makeup in hopes that their adolescent heroes will notice their existence for even a brief moment just like the good ol’ days.

The only difference this time is that you and your gal pals are old enough to grab your own rides sans embarrassment to the show and don’t have to go begging to the parentals for some cash to grab a quick dinner at Hot Dog on a Stick. I mean, as if!

Sure the guys might not be the 16-year-old heartthrobs you remember from your youth, but they have aged like a fine, fine red wine. The dance moves, the harmonizing, and the lyrics that speak so near and dear to your inner teenage soul will all be there at the Anaheim HOB later this month and you can’t afford to miss it!

1. Joey McIntyre Could Make Eye Contact with You

Oh those baby blues—heart be still! If you get there early enough and find your spot in the pit, could you just imagine Joey gazing deeply into your very soul? You just like die (chews piece of gum)! But seriously, this dreamboat has a pair of peepers that could make just about anyone keel over with a simple stare down. Don’t even get me started with that smile! Clearly, audiences agree because Joey has also sold over one million records worldwide as a solo artist too. Make sure to grab your spot early so you get your chance to make a little eye contact (wink).

2. Sugary Sweet is Still Your Beat

Sure we have integrated more electronics into our music, especially pop, these days, but not much has really changed beyond that. You still have the simple melodies, the positive lyrics, and the feel-good beats. It’s something you really never grew out of. NKOTB was one of the first boy bands to mix both pop and hip hop into a sugary sweet mixture of music for teenage girls (let’s be real). So if you’re still into the bubble gum pop of today, this is a great show to catch as NKOTB are kind of a historical boy band of sorts.

3. Danny Wood is on the Market

He sure is! Danny was married to Patricia Alfaro from 1997 to 2006 and even dated Halle Berry in 1989, but happens to be single at the moment. This muscular and tattooed man is a pretty eligible bachelor if you ask me. Who will be his next lady friend? Possibly you if you blow him away with your looks at the show!

4. Jordan and Jonathan are a Two-for-One Deal

Okay, picture this. You and your best gal pal show up to the NKOTB show and just happened to bump into brothers Jordan and Jonathon Knight in the hallways of the HOB. It’s basically destiny. It doesn’t matter what relationships they’re in, this is what you’ve been dreaming about you’re entire life and nothing’s keeping you away from your goal. Except maybe your husband. And kids. And the fact that they have roughly three microseconds to talk to you and Johnny is definitely not into girls…but dreams can happen if you believe!

5. You Can Still Rattle off NKOTB Lyrics Like the Pledge of Allegiance

No matter what shade of red you turn when busting out your fave NKOTB song as it comes up on your iPod, just know it’s totally acceptable (and encouraged) to shout the words out loud at this concert. There won’t be any haters, only fellow fans surrounding you so, if anything, you’ll have more band mates to join in on “The Right Stuff.” It’s like breaking into song and dance when you were a kid!

6. Actually Seeing a Wahlberg Live

We all know that NKOTB is SO much better than Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…obviously. Although, Mark Wahlberg’s big screen career might be a little more impressive than Donnie’s, Donnie has the leg up in the music world. Did you know that Mark actually started his career with NKOTB but gave up on the band three months in? Lame. Despite Mark not sticking it out for the long haul, Donnie did and boy are we glad. He’s the mysterious bad boy we all know and love, and you’ll get to see him up close and personal!

7. They Still Look Like They Could Be on Tiger Beat Posters

You know what I’m talking about and you know you bought them too. But here’s your chance to have your own shots of the guys like they were straight out of the pages of Teen Cosmo. Here’s the real kicker, these shots are originals so you won’t have 800,000 other girls drooling over them—only you. How could you pass up an opportunity like that?

8. Drinking While You’re “Hangin’ Tough”

Remember when you and your friends used to scream the lyrics of pretty much every NKOTB song? Well, now you can do so while drinking! Thanks to the HOB’s multiple easily accessible bars, you can pound a few cocktails with ease without missing a beat during the show. So gather your gals and sing your heart out with a drink in hand!

9. Showing Your Kids You Used to “Get It”

It’s no secret that your kids don’t see you as the coolest person on the planet, but you haven’t lost your groove yet! In fact, you used to be cooler than a fool in a swimming pool when you’d jam out to your favorite boy band. Maybe your kids don’t know who NKOTB are, and maybe it’s time you educate them. Make the night a GNO with your daughters and show them that you’ve still got it.

10. You Find 40-Year-Olds Singing Children’s Lyrics Endearing

Yeah, those lyrics haven’t changed in over 30 years, but the NKOTB are still singing them. Perhaps it’s a little creepy, it could even come off as a little hokey, but you find it endearing. You grew up with these guys and wouldn’t want to see them singing anything else except for their NKOTB classics. What better way to see it than in the brand new Anaheim House of Blues too? It’s a classic band at a bright, shiny, new venue. Bring your friends or your family and get ready for an ‘80s time warp into boy band bliss.

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