10 Funniest Local Band Names

As the Weekly‘s Club Editor (which means all the listings you see in our kick-ass concert calendar are managed by your truly), I’ve come across a few local (well, mostly local) bands with LOL-worthy names that I thought I should share with you all. So here we go!


Fartbarf’s name rules and everything about them rules- wanna know why? This Los Angeles trio, who call themselves post-neanderthal analogue synthesists, deliver gripping beats and mesmerizing rhythms, all through the use of vintage electronic synthesizers, drum machines and vocoders, among other things. And to top it all off, these fellas perform in matching caveman masks and astronaut outfits making them sights to see (as well as music to hear.)-Aimee Murillo

The Whining Pussys

Straight outta’ Lakewood, The Whining Pussys deliver a thrashing and foot tapping blend of punk, humor, angst, and pop sensibility. Even though The Whining Pussys’ default photo on Facebook is a photo of wailing kittens, I’d still bet that most wouldn’t wear this band’s t-shirt out in public without thinking twice.


Cumstain is a self-proclaimed “sleazy garage-punk” band from Orange County. Expect a trashy somehow glamorous trio with a leopard speedo wearing frontman perform some electronic experimental beats blended with pop-punk guitars and melodies. The band just performed at Midnight Mass 2 in Long Beach last December and are often found rocking a crowd in venues and house parties throughout SoCal.

Ninja Gandhi

Ninja Gandhi is a five-piece heavy metal band from Huntington that mixes humor with their fastly paced guitars and intense vocals (more like growls.) Their debut full-length studio album “Wax Empire” is out now and you can catch these guys live this month at Slidebar in Fullerton on February 17th and Centerfield in Huntington Beach on February 25th. You’re sure to have a head-banging good time.

Lower Back Tribal Tat
Named after the worse type of tattoo there is, Long Beach’s own Lower Back Tribal Tat mix upbeat funk with stoner psych rock and grungy yet melodic vocals.

Cholos on Acid
Cholos On Acid or C.O.A. have been pumping out old-school California thrash since 1986. While these legendary punks are technically San Fernando Valley heads we’ll still give them a shout out because of their chingon name and for making it out to Orange County and Long Beach every once in a while.

Cheese Grater Masturbation
Cheese Grater Masturbation conjure up a dark metal sound to be reckoned with. The wicked 4-piece-band create demonic sounding growls with intensely paced guitars and drums to form their special style of grindcore and death metal all the way from San Antonio, Texas yet they’ve been known to tour Orange County too.  Question: Why is it that metal bands always have the best names?

Dinosaur Dick

Have you ever listened to “Dino-Core Art-Rock”? Neither have we, yet that’s how Dinosaur Dick describe their in-your-face hardcore punk sound. These Dino-Dicks also have awesome individual stage names such as Glanseratops (vox), Dildo-phosaurus (bass), Tyrannosaurus Vest (drums), Pterano-Dong (guitar), Indominus eRexion (guitar) and Colostamasaurus Rex (vox) who all, according to their Facebook bio, hail from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles—duh!

Slater Slums

Slater Slums were formed in 2014 in the “slater slums” barrio of Huntington Beach. The band quickly became a vehicle for their stylistic appreciation of classic and alternative rock, as well as a tribute to the harder side of life growing up in a rough neighborhood.

Sweaty Ball Bag

Anaheim’s Sweaty Ball Bag bust out some good ol’ fast-paced “mid-nineties punk rock, skate-core, humor-core, middle school, hard core and fucking Forest Whita-core.”

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