10 Best Stage Falls Caught On Video

Humans love watching things fall down. When a duck slips on ice, we're tickled. When a friend trips while walking, we're in tears. When a well-known musician slips down a set of stairs, we're searching for footage of the best angle.

By now we've all watched the video below of Grohl stumbling off stage during a Foo Fighters show in Sweden on Friday, breaking his leg. Even if you're not a fan of Grohl, you have to give him mad props for being a badass; who else breaks their leg on stage and then returns to rock out on crutches?!

We send our well wishes to the Foo's frontman and wish him a speedy recovery. Here's a collection of 10 of the best stage falls to amuse you masochists (and to remind Grohl he's in good company).


10. Busta Rhymes may be getting a little too old to headbang. The rapper suffered minor injuries at Webster Hall in New York last year after he fell off the stage. Be glad you didn't 'Break Ya Neck', Busta!

9. Scott Weiland fell off a Cincinnati stage in 2010, spurring rumors that the singer lip-syncs. (Weiland later addressed those rumors). The singer resembled McDonald's Hamburglar dastardly making a failed exit.

8. U2's The Edge accidentally walked offstage in Vancouver last month. The seemingly slow-motion fall had fans in disbelief. “Did he actually just… fall?!” someone asks in the video below.

7. Steven Tyler's fall at a 2009 South Dakota show caused the band to postponed its next concert. Maybe if Tyler wasn't showing-off, he wouldn't have lost his balance.

6. In 2013, Skrillex ran into a stage prop in Mexico City. Yeouch.

5. Drake executed a graceful tumble at the LG Arena in Birmingham in 2012. In this video clip, the singer appears to roll out of his fall unscathed.

4. Chris Brown must have had his balls busted over this spill in Vegas last month. (It's really difficult to feel sorry for him though).

3. The only thing worse than falling down on stage is falling down on stage at an award ceremony. Madonna did just that at the Brit Awards earlier this year.

2. The larger the ego, the harder they fall. Who can forget Beyoncé's 2007 stair fail? We bet she's glad cell phones weren't able to capture clear video footage back then.

1. Katy Perry not only fell, but repeatedly slipped in cake on stage at the MTV Mexico Latin Awards in 2008. (Kudos to this YouTuber who added Benny Hill soundtrack to the spectacle).

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