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Vince Pileggi's Top 5

Photo by Jack Gould1. NO DOUBT "This band really claimed OC as their home and is the one I identify with the most. I've known them for a long time—the running joke is that everyone knows someone in the band, right?—and I'm very proud of them and their accomplishments. And I would like to thank Eric Stefani, because whether he knows it or not or even cares, he actually made a huge impression on me and got me seriously into music.

2. SOCIAL DISTORTION "Growing up in OC and looking for heroes at a young age, this band was one of my first introductions to the punk world. They've also hung on to the crown, evolving as aband and making a career from very humble beginnings."

3. THE OFFSPRING "'Diamond not platinum!' best explains this band: last I checked, they've sold over 20 million records. Congrats and thank you for giving younger bands hope, as well as for your contribution in making punk mainstream."

4. KORN "I remember working a horrible evening telemarketing job with Reggie—a.k.a. Fieldy—and remember his band L.A.P.D., which later evolved into Korn. I followed their career long ago at Club 5902 and saw them years later at thAe Pond. This band is important on many levels and I am proud to say they are from OC."

5. SUGAR RAY "It may not seem cool to list this band, but I do enjoy their music and I think they are a significant, current addition to this list. And Mark actually hung out with Madonna for a minute—now that's impressive!—and their career has actually lasted longer than 15 minutes!"


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