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Radio Rest Stop

Just two weeks after our story about eclectic, new, Santa Ana-based, local-band-lovin', commercial radio station KUOL 90.9 ("The Crush") ran ("Sonic Splendor," Nov. 8), the frequency is already off the air—but they promise to be back. The station hasn't totally vanished—they still maintain a regular Internet presence at According to station manager Dionne Kemp, KUOL will return to the FM band on Dec. 31 with a significantly goosed-up signal—1,500 watts, up from what had been 300, enough juice to cover most of OC. They'll also use the down time to tighten up the programming and train new DJs in the use of proper on-air lingo—not using the word "fuck," for instance. "We're going to start fresh in January, with a new, bigger, stronger Crush," says Kemp. "We're going for the gusto this time." Presumably a part of that gusto will involve landing a spate of steady advertisers. Kemp is optimistic: "A lot of venues want to sponsor us, and we've been getting a great response from the public. People have heard really good things about the station." (Rich Kane)

Photo by Jeanne Rice

Things are also revving up for the return of the Orange County Music Awards next year. The second annual shindig will be on March 29 at the Grove of Anaheim, a significant stepping-up in size from the inaugural OCMAs, held earlier this year at the Galaxy Concert Theatre. "The Galaxy was great, but it was way too crowded," says OCMA founder/Live magazine publisher Martin Brown. "We have to optimistically assume it'll grow, and moving to the Grove is a part of that." So is the addition of several new categories, ranging from Best Latin Alternative to Best Jazz to Best High School Band to—urk!—Best Tribute Band. With more categories comes more of a demand on the ears of the OCMA judges (full disclosure: this writer is one of them—but really, don't let that stop you from submitting your music), which is partly why Brown needed an early start in planning for OCMA 2003. So far, he has received about 50 entries from local bands and musicians—a good pace, considering the deadline isn't until Feb. 28. (Bands and musician types looking to enter one of the Best Live Band/Artist categories—separate slots for electric and acoustic acts!—have a Dec. 31 deadline; showcases to determine the nominees are taking place at the Gypsy Lounge and the Doll Hut on a first-come, first-served basis.) Brown also hopes to improve on the first OCMAs by avoiding some of the organizational headaches that developed, some of which he was chided for. "We're definitely not going to have bands round up sponsors again and award them with a performance slot on the bill, that's for sure," he says. "We really want to preserve our integrity with this—not be labeled a rip-off outfit or something." Brown is making more of an effort to get the word out about the awards so as many bands as possible will at least have the option of deciding whether they want to plunk down the $25 entry fee or not. "We want to spread the net as wide as we can," he says. "We're leaving posters and fliers in as many places as we can think of." For more info, hit up the OCMA site at, e-mail Brown at, or buzz the man himself on his well-worn cell phone at (714) 624-8729. (RK) PUNK AS A DOORNAIL
The Levi's/KROQ Inland Invasion, the very existence of Sum 41 and Good Charlotte . . . and now, yet more tragic evidence that what once constituted "punk" died 'round about 1982, likely even earlier: punk aerobics! We ain't kidding, either. As a recent Newsweek piece revealed, regular Saturday-afternoon aerobics classes—set to the beat of the Ramones, the Stooges, Black Flag and the Sex Pistols—have been taking place in no less a hallowed ground than CBGBs in New York City, which to us is sort of like wanking off onto the walls of Mecca or the Vatican. Worse, we learn there are even Punk Rock Aerobic (the name's even trademarked!) moves called the Skank, the Teenage Kix and the Air Guitar. If Darby Crash is pondering when a good time would be to return and cleanse the earth from evils like this, right about now would be ideal. (RK)


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