Food Truck Fridays @ the OC Weekly Office

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Weekly Editor Gustavo Arellano

The first Food Truck Fridays at the OC Weekly Office in Costa Mesa went deliciously well, if we do say so ourselves! The Lime Truck, Seabirds, Dogzilla All images by Francisco Montes.

Published on June 18, 2012

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Thank you for hosting the Weekly Friday Foodtruck meet Up at the OC Weekly Building on Red Hill and paularino STreet in Costa Mesa, I work nextdoor at the GE Capital CareCredit Corporate Headquarters.  The Food truck meet up is something to look forward to and a way to have delicious food for lunch instead of the frozen meals often brought by staff who wish to avoid driving away from the building at noon.  I have enjoyed a vast selection of options from the attending trucks.  Often a couple of my fellow employees often purchase a couple of different items then we cut each  into pieces and sample the delicious goodies.  I have had a few favorites including the amazing fried avacado taco from SEA BIRDS, yummy selectioons from LIME TRUCK. Never been disappointed by the items we have purchased from CHOMP and I have had the best steak tack I have ever eaten straight out of the OC Weekly parking lot.  I always look forward to each Friday, and watch the office staff get restless as the clock ticks closer to 11:00 am and they can trek over to the trucks and begin ordering from the various offerings .....We appreciate you arranging this gathering from great cullinary trucks to offer us meals close to the office on Fridays!


Thank you Michelle... this was just sent to the wife and put up on my FB page.

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