Anaheim Protests: Sunday, July 29

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A second week of protests in Anaheim began Sunday. Citizens are angry over recent instances of police brutality. All images by Matt Oliver.

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Published on July 29, 2012

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Daniel Rowlett Vice President of Mr. Packaging in Anaheim was truck jacked and stabbed twelve times to death for his wallet by an Anna Drive gangbanger on July 4th. Three gangbangers shot at police who were patrolling Midway Drive on June 1. Police did not fire back. Police arrested all three. A gangbanger stole a vehicle and shot at police on Guinida Lane near Midway Drive on July 22. These three incidents illustrate the complete disregard gangbangers have for human life. Gangbanging in Anaheim is coming to an end! James Robert Reade.


Yes, it's the war come home against the people. If you are in denial, just keep on looking at the reactions by police. Talk about thugs running loose with weapons!

ltpar topcommenter


 Next time you are about to get your butt kicked, don't call a Cop, dial a prayer.  

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