Better than any two 'Dollar Menu' items from what's-their-name.
Better than any two 'Dollar Menu' items from what's-their-name.

Two Dollar Baja Bowls, Courtesy Of Baja Fresh

Headquartered in Cypress, Baja Fresh had CEO David Kim embark on an emotional journey on Sunday's Undercover Boss. The waterworks would not stop as he worked alongside four dedicated employees and learned their stories of family values. When all was said and done, Kim started up a scholarship for someone's daughter, gave relocation funds to bring a mother closer to her son, gifted a father/son golf trip, and promised a no-fee franchise to the youngest future owner of a Baja Fresh. What did you accomplish over the weekend?

The giving doesn't stop there, but first you gotta jump.

No means no.
No means no.

For the next two weeks, the fast food Mexican grill CEO is kindly reducing the price of their Baja Bowls down to two bucks. Just drop by their web site and click on the inevitable pop-up window to sign up for Club Baja first. They promise only bimonthly newsletters, which is what alternate e-mail accounts were made for. The coupon link comes immediately after.

I'm eyeing the surf 'n' turf style of their steak and shrimp version, composed of green chili-tomatillo rice, black beans, sliced avocado, roasted corn salsa, calabasitas squash flavored with achiote onions and anejo cheese. Oh yeah, there's fire-grilled steak plus garlic lime marinated shrimp on top, too.

Summary: Sign up, print out, and support a CEO with a big heart (after confirming your nearest location is participating). FYI: Chances are you've patronized one of his other brands; the quick-service businessman also heads Sweet Factory, Cinnabon, Denny's and La Salsa.

Baja Fresh operates throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. To locate a store near you, click here.

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