Whiskey Tango 909er

Photo by Jeanne RiceDrinking beer in the blazing hot sun with your shirt off—getting dehydrated while you work up a decent sunstroke—that's why we beat back the hated British. It's the American way. It's also multitasking at its finest, one made even better if you do it at California Speedway in Fontana, longtime Southern California Hells Angels bastion, where culture goes to die. John Wayne would be proud of you. You can join the Left Turn Club, too, and watch Sterling Marlin (son of Coo Coo Marlin) turn left all day at 200 mph in the Coors Light-sponsored chassis No. 309. It'll make you wanna stand up and deliver a nice Roman salute, just like the guy next to you with the Wolf Pack tattoo. Full disclosure: OC Weekly is also sponsored by Coors Light and doesn't go nearly as fast. But we would stop six silver bullets for you. Because we care.

California Speedway, 9300 Cherry Ave., Fontana, (909) 429-5000; californiaspeedway.com.

Photographer: Jeanne Rice


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