Photo by John Gilhooley
Photo by John Gilhooley

Summer Forecast: Sunny and Hot

This could be Jeremy Jackson's best summer ever, except it's probably this way every year.

"Summer is absolutely my favorite season. I love it when it's hot. I love it when everybody's out having a good time," says Jackson, 25, who is unflappable and has the unrelenting politeness of someone with a 20-year acting career, a handful of CDs out, and recent TV appearances on E! and The Tyra Banks Show. "The black ball's the only thing that kills it."

To many of us, Jeremy Jackson is summer, having wormed his way into our collective subconscious 16 years ago, when he landed the role of David Hasselhoff's son Hobie on Baywatch. So he was actually Hobie No. 2—so what? He's the one you remember; he, our photo editor says, "was cute."

Now, he—born Jeremy Jackson Dunn—is all growed up, into a spiky-haired club promoter who's worked with the likes of Dennis Rodman, is talking up his own clothing line (men's and women's) with Von Dutch's Christian Audigier, and currently handles Blow Pure Uncut Club Saturday nights at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa.

His MySpace page is also one of the website's most-visited (must be the Trojan Magnum XL wallpaper); a Vanity Fair article published earlier this year put his number of friends at just over 1,800. It has since risen to more than 5,000.

And last Saturday, Jackson presided over his latest accomplishment: opening the Wonder Bar at the Shark Club—what he describes as a "retro-pirate-neon-'80s" watering trough. You know—with blow-up dolls.


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