OC Weekly Marks the Passing of . . .

Photo by Jeanne RiceBaker, William H.The neo-Nazi/anti-Semite/racist got das boot from his pulpit at the Crystal Cathedral. Now, that's a fine heil-do-you-do.

Carpenter, Tim.His move to Massachusetts cut the Orange County progressive population in half. Chicano Punk Movement. Took major hits this year when drummer for Tazumal quit his band to move to Belgium to be with his woman, and then the singer and lyricist for Cuauhtemoc moved to Mexico to care for his ailing grandfather. If it's over, at least it's for the right reasons. Coad Dynasty. Cynthia Coad became the first sitting chairperson of the Board of Supervisors to lose when she got beat by the anti-airport Chris Norby in an election where OC turned down an airport at El Toro. Hubby—and puppet master—Tom wanted to run for outgoing Supervisor Todd Spitzer's seat but didn't qualify because he hadn't lived in the district long enough. Timing is everything. Curse of the Angels.Chokes on you. Disney Invincibility. After a prolonged illness. Treasure Planet confirmed that the company no longer rules movie animation, ABC continues to suck, California Adventure continues to blow, stock values keep falling, and top execs such as Paul Pressler are bailing out for the Gap. Druid Political Cach.Maybe it was the robes or the references to an arcane language known only to Norse twins, or maybe it was spitting in the face of that radio host. Whatever. Somehow failed Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Gary Copeland managed to take all the natural goodwill American voters feel toward pagan politicians and turn it sour, perhaps forever. John Kerry, beware. Felix, Maria. Mexican film icon: strong, sexy, individual. Refused to play patsy for men or hot seoritas for Hollywood. Real Women Have Ganas. Garafalo, Dave. Now, why did we care about this guy? The disgraced former mayor of Huntington Beach was last seen getting coldcocked off a restaurant stool. Great Park, The. What started out bigger than Central Park and chock-full of museums, sports fields, ponds and forests—even a university—has rapidly been planed down to include numerous housing developments. All of which means the Great Park will likely end up a Happy Median. Growing Old Gracefully. Botox, that little bit of botulism that wipes away wrinkles, makes hundreds of millions for Irvine-based Allergan. What's more, it has become part of the lexicon, not only a common reference on late-night TV but also in think pieces by the likes of Kevin Phillips, who, in a critique of the Democratic Party, wrote, "Its old faces are beyond Botox or relevant speech therapy." Hurley.The local brand, the local designer, now owned by Nike. That Nike. Job Security at The Orange County Register. Workers were fired to rig union referendums because they answered management surveys honestly and because the Hoiles kids all asked for new bikes this Christmas. Jones, Chuck. In a time when animation produces some of the best and most sophisticated entertainment, Jones—along with Warner Bros. colleagues Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and Robert McKimson—showed the way by layering cartoons about stuttering pigs, bipolar ducks and bisexual rabbits with subversive asides, double entendres and guys getting hit with anvils. Godspeed. Kring, Lucille. Anaheim City Council member who sacrificed her own seat—she would certainly have won re-election—to run for mayor against Curt Pringle and the Republican machine that backed him. She lost, and the council lost a moderate voice. KUOL-FM 90.9. Santa Ana-based indie radio station died amid claims employees weren't getting paid, royalties weren't being paid, and the station never received FCC approval for its call letters. Incompetence killed the radio star. Martin, Harald. Xenophobic former school board member came in fifth in a field of 12 in the last election, which means he'll have to go back to just being a xenophobic cop. Well, he still has his hobbies, like hoping the INS could patrol the school halls or waiting for the day when, he claims, unfettered immigration will lead to an apocalyptic ending. Hey, wasn't that written on Sharon Tate's bedroom wall? Miracle Chosuke. The South County kids were insanely talented, technically impressive, had a crazy lead singer and sounded like a Television record played backward at 45 rpm. They also couldn't stand one another. But the band was so good that Dim Mak Records is apparently pressing the demo CDR the band used to give out for free into a real live record. Montoya, Josie. The unofficial mayor of Anaheim's Jeffrey-Lynne neighborhood (now Hermosa Village) was a beacon of decency and a voice for working families whose community center provided literacy classes and food programs. Montoya passed on following long illnesses. No jokes, kids, we'll miss her. Pitying Mossimo. His deal with Target was supposed to be a death knell; instead, he's raking in big bucks, and we're writing this in a pair of his ultra-comfortable light cords that make our butt look pert. We like pert, especially at $19.99. Republicans Trying to Beat Loretta Sanchez. After she whomped on Bob Dornan like a rented, bitter elephant—twice—Sanchez crushed kamikaze candidates Gloria Matta Tuchman and, this year, Jeff Chavez. On the plus side, the GOP already has its 2004 campaign slogan: "Uncle!" Richards, Tori.DA Tony Rackauckas' media relations director/henchwoman is acid-tongued, misleading, duplicitous, overpaid, unqualified, angry, touchy, not-so-feely, vindictive, dismissive, petty. . . . Where were we going with this? Oh, yeah. She got canned. Rodman, Dennis. At some point between the nightclub and the loud parties and the police harassment and the helicopters landing on the beach, we ceased to be intrigued. Maybe we'll care again someday. After all, dude can rebound. Snoop Dogg's Credibility. Would Tupac have done a Girls Gone Wild video? Okay, maybe. But a VH1 home makeover show? That's so P. Diddy. Spitzer, Todd.Rising star in the Republican Party is headed up to Sacramento. We'll miss his combative nature, hair that would not bend to special interests, righteous pecs and one special night at Aysia 101. Oh, yeah: Aysia 101 is gone, too. Vargas, Steve. The intense former Brea city councilman lost his first _re-election campaign in large part due to his anti-development, anti-old-boys-network stance. Without him, expect Brea to continue setting up sweetheart deals for developers, contractors, et al., ad infinitum.


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