Love Is a Balloon

Hey, you two guys making balloons in front of Disneyland. Thanks a lot for putting tons of smiles on all the kids' faces by handing out free balloons. You made my twins' day; they fell asleep holding onto them. We wish we had guys as kind and loving as you both back home in Brooklyn. You made our trip to Cali worth the memories and proved that not all Californians are anti-tourist; you even stopped making balloons to call a cab for us when one couldn't be found. We will never forget you both. I know the balloons cost a lot of money, but you hand them out like candy. Keep showing God's love through your balloon talents—keep spreading the love, and keep up the great work. Again thanks for the fond memories and the non-barking, potty-trained balloon doggies. The $10 I gave both of you was well worth it. I wish you both the best, and I hope to see when we come out again in December.


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