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It is sad that by giving such coverage to one disgruntled ex-employee, Todd Mathews creates a rather distorted impression of working at Disneyland ("Treasure and Trinkets," Jan. 31). I know exactly who the subject of the interview is, as I worked with him several days per week during his entire stay. Besides being an admitted thief, he is also a bit shaky when it comes to telling the truth (he did not "leave," but was fired for being caught trying to sneak in a friend). What he doesn't mention is that he usually came to work stoned and would often fall asleep if not given something to do. For every person of that ilk, there are a dozen who love working there. Just in my immediate area, there are people with 13, 15, 27 and 35 years at the park—the best refutation of your article's impression.

Richard Cook
New Orleans Square, Disneyland

"Treasure and Trinkets" was very entertaining. I, too, recently ended my tenure at Disneyland and can tell you it has stories ready to be told. Cast members don't have anybody to bitch to about what happens to them on their shifts. Managers don't care because you're a dime a dozen, and the Teamsters union just wants their cut of your hourly wage. Therefore, cast members steal to make up for what they see as earned—namely, the costumes and anything else they can get their hands on.

Ex-Disney attractions jockey (UN)SATISFIED CUSTOMER

I really like it when you guys post those pics on the front page of fine women with nice boobs. Keep up the good work; I wish I had a couple of girlfriends/lovers like that.

Name withheld by request BUCK YOU VERY MUCH

Thank you so much for covering the rodeo and speaking against it (Matt Coker's "Electric Horsemen," Feb. 14). My family, friends and I all think the rodeo is awful and appreciate your coverage.

Gabrielle Lennon
via e-mail
MR. 911

About a month ago, I was awakened to the sounds of Mexican jingles from my pre-programmed radio/alarm clock and have not heard anything more from one of my favorite radio stations: Cool Radio 94.3. What happened to these guys?

David Kramer
Huntington Beach

The editor responds: Well, the way we heard it (see Rich Kane's LowBallAssChatter, Jan. 17), Cool was bought out by a Mexican regional music station. Apparently, the problem was that Cool listeners were not very active or motivated to help or support the station. You know, they were the kind of people who would tune into Cool one day, listen to three or four hours of Spanish-language broadcast and do that for a month before realizing that something had changed.


Hey, burger flipper ("Hey, You: Sin-N-Out," Jan. 31): Sounds like you, at the least, don't mind your current profession. Maybe these subliminal notes come from people in the know. To be fair, I side with the "believers." Makes life much more bearable. Next time you want to rant, how about reading the Bible so you at least have knowledge of others' beliefs before you go off on a "politically correct" tirade.


If truth has meaning to you—be you the editor of the New York Times, a weekly journal, a college paper, or a cookie-making club—you have an OBLIGATION to save our democracy from the liars who would throw away our (your) nation and everything it stands for. . . . Relay these truths now or face consequences the likes of which you and I and the world have never seen before. . . . Keeping your head in the sand will not save your ass. . . . Last chance . . . You have the paper. . . . You have the ink. . . . Just do it.

David Singelyn
Warner Springs The editor responds: And this gets us laid how?

Fuck you, OC Weekly! What happened to you? You used to be on the edge of it all, but now you're all a bunch of politicians yourselves. You love pointing out other people's failings; you, in fact, get off on it, man. What the fuck is up with that? Fuck, man. World War III is starting. You have an opportunity here. We're all tired of the bullshit. Even yours.

Mike Magoski
Fullerton The editor, who is not beholden to the fat cats in Washington, responds: Mike, when I read your letter, I detected a lot of anger, and whenever I hear anger, I know I'm actually hearing fear. Not the kind of fear that our brave men and women defending freedom abroad might feel. No, the kind of fear you must not give into, Mike. After all, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I mean, where's the beef, Mike? Don't know? Well, read my lips: what this nation really needs is a good five-cent cigar. I implore you to support our brave men and women defending freedom abroad. Mike, tear down this wall! You shall not hang us on this cross of gold! We are not a crook, and we did not have sexual relations with that woman. Am I saying do not ask what this paper can do for you, but ask what you can do for this paper? Maybe. Either way, do not misunderestimate us. In the end, Tippecanoe and Tyler, too, we like Ike and remember the Maine! Remember, Mike, a house divided cannot stand—though it can be a terrific source of rental income. I don't know about you, but I support our brave men and women defending freedom abroad as well as our right to use the F-word in print—until someone wearing a flag pin tells me we can't use the F-word in print anymore, and then I'll support that as long as they support our brave men and women defending freedom abroad.

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