Hey There, Hi There, Ho There, You're As Incarcerated As You Can Be ...

A "preacher" dropped us a line to say that he and his 30 red-robed gospel singers spent Christmas day in that most inhospitable of jails. Not French Guiana or Abu Ghraib or even the severly overcrowded, abusively run Orange County Jail. No, this was the most frightening pokey of 'em all: the Disneyland detention room! The horror, the horror. After a 4,500-mile bus ride that included stops at places like Wal-Mart all across the Midwest and crescendoed with a Buy Nothing Day celebration in New York City, the Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping was ready to stage a surprise ending by donning robes in the bathrooms of Adventure Land's Tiki Room and emerging to lead the 1:50 p.m. Main Street Parade on Christmas Day. You read all about their Tragic Kingdom escapades in the Reverend's "Letter from the Disneyland Jail" on his blog.


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