Adrian Lux
Adrian Lux
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Why Sweden's Next EDM Prince Would Rather Be in LA

Some artists and celebs are born with names that are destined for greatness. Swedish Grammy nominated producer and DJ known as Adrian Lux is no exception. Born Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne he may not be governing his Stockholm hometown, but he's surely reining as one of Sweden's super star DJs alongside Avicii, Eric Prydz and of course Swedish House Mafia. Lux went from sifting through his dad's record collection discovering Massive Attack at 11 years old to picking up DJ equipment and playing at local bars and clubs while in high school.

He joined the Ultra Music family four years ago with singles "Strawberry" and "Can't Sleep" while garnering remix credits from his work wit Britney Spears, the TRON soundtrack and more. But it wasn't until the single "Teenage Crime" dropped in 2010 that the now 28-year-old artist became an overnight EDM success. His self-titled album was released two years later following extensive tours all over the world and collaborations with EDM royalty. Now he celebrates the release of his highly anticipated second EP Make Out as he strolls the streets of LA, his new home since November. We caught up with Lux in the midst of his "Make Out West Tour" in anticipation for his gig tonight at Sutra.

Lux chose to make the move to Los Angeles after intensive touring was driving him crazy. "I felt it was a necessary move after traveling back and forth so much and playing a residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas every month," says Hynne. "It's closer to shows and the whole industry really." Now he gets to enjoy shopping at Nike Town and dining at Beachwood Cafe on his off time. But he's no stranger to Orange County, the DJ has spent lots of time here aside from his gigs at clubs like Sutra. "I spent a lot of time at my friends place in Irvine shopping at skate shops and eating amazing surf and turf in Laguna Beach when I first came out here," he shares.

Maybe that's where he found the inspiration for his latest track "Lauren Conrad" named after Laguna's most famous reality star. "I read in an interview somewhere that she had my music on her workout playlist. When I was in the studio I thought about that and it became the name of the song," says Hynne. The progressive house track has a very soundtrack like feel and when asked why not name it after his ex girlfriend Rebecca of the sister duo Rebecca & Fiona he says, "Why name songs after ex girlfriends? Only hopeful potential future girlfriends."

The six song EP features lots of entrancing vocals that work just as well in your car as they do in a packed club with an additional remix of "Sooner or Later" by Nora En Pure. Lux combines his love for Indie music with electronic synths and melodies that stray away from what's popular on Beatport with the obvious missing drops. "I didn't know it was going to sound like that when I went into it," he says. Working without restrictions, he took a lot of inspiration from cinematography. Today he's working on a new EP aside from collaborations which include a track with the Chainsmokers. "We'll see when it's released," says Hynne. "It's on ice at the moment because of things in the universe."

With a packed tour schedule from now until Christmas we can only imagine when Lux finds the time to make music. "I'm pretty excited for the opening of Space in Ibiza. It's the best club in the world and an honor to play the main room there," he says. He also joins the rest of EDM monarchy touring festivals like Tomorrowland in Belgium and Bravalla in Sweden. "I have a lot of new music and I'm trying lots of new things with tempo changes to keep it interesting for myself too," says Hynne. Having fun with different sounds is what Adrian is known for and tonight is sure to deliver. No make outs guaranteed.

Adrian Lux plays at Sutra tonight June 12th, 1870 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. For tickets go to and follow him on Twitter @Adrian_Lux.

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