The Gregory Brothers
The Gregory Brothers
Nate "Igor" Smith/Village Voice

What Is the World Coming to? Viral YouTube Artists Touring and Stopping at the Galaxy

The Auto-Tuned Oscars montage isn't the only proof that Antoine Dodson's 15 minutes are over; the Gregory Brothers ARE ACTUALLY TOURING THE REAL WORLD AND PERFORMING LIVE. Known throughout the Interwebz as the guys behind Auto-Tune the News, they're hitting the real stage with a bunch of big-deal-on-the-Internet acts and heading to the Galaxy Concert Theatre on April 14. 

The first YouTube tour also includes musicians Dave Days, David Choi and Mystery Guitar Man, as well as rapper DeStorm. Combined, they have 1 billion video hits and more than 6 million fans.

What's happening here? Will audiences really peel their butts off their computer chairs and catch a show in person at the Galaxy, instead of hitting that "like" button? Do these artists have a future beyond novelty pixelated videos shared online? Does anyone care?

The Gregory Brothers have been the most successful at parlaying their Internet fame into real work; last Sunday,

the Academy Awards aired a montag

e they created of Auto-Tuned movie clips from

Twilight, Toy Story 3


The Social Network


Dave Days

The song, "OMG! This Girl is Sooo Hot!" features dancing barbie dolls and a stuffed animal. It has over 44 million hits.

David Choi

 A cover of "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley (333,000 hits)


"Back In The 90s" reminds us of the good old days when Jurassic Park and Kid 'n Play ruled. (3,124,968 hits)

the Gregory Brothers

You've seen this for sure--we just wanted to make sure you know it's had 73,752,990 hits.


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