"Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!": Seven Favorite Hip-Hop Holiday Songs

This Christmas, think NWA not NRA.
This Christmas, think NWA not NRA.
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While it doesn't happen too much anymore these days, the hip-hop world has been known to put out a holiday album or two--and sometimes the  too-bright cheerfulness of Christmas carols pairs up extra nicely with the often humorous and/or the sometimes, uh, adult content of the lyrics.

After the jump: Our favorite seven hip-hop holiday songs... with an extra special bonus honorable mention that involves Paul McCartney and Dr. Dre.

7. Run DMC: "Christmas in Hollis"

Was this one too obvious? Too bad--that doesn't take away from how this is one of our fave Christmas tracks


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(take that, Trans-Siberian Orchestra!). Note the creative usage of the "Simon" game in the intro skit.

And what about the cutest closing lines ever, as DMC unwraps a present with a brand new gold rope chain: "My name's DMC with the mic in my hand/And I'm chilling and coolin just like a snowman/So open your eyes, lend us an ear/Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

P.S. What's Santa doing with cold hundreds of Gs?

6. Beat Street: "Santa's Christmas Rap"

Starring Doug E. Fresh and the Treacherous Three,

Beat Street

paid homage to the early '80s East Coast hip-hop scene: B-boys, graffiti artists, DJs... you know. This track is from a Christmas skit put on by the Magnificent Force, Treacherous Three and Doug E. Fresh in the film.

5. Kurtis Blow: "Christmas Rapping"

These. Are. the Breaks! Kurtis Blow was only 20-years-old when "Christmas Rapping" (wrapping... rapping. Get it?) was released.

The more you know: Does that guitar riff sound familiar? '90s R&B group Next sampled it in their tune "Too Close."

4. Spyder-D: "Ghetto Santa Christmas Rap"

While Spyder-D might not have the same en masse name recognition as his contemporaries Russell Simmons, Run DMC and LL Cool J, Spyder-D remains much respected in the hip-hop industry. In this track, Spyder-D raps as a "ghetto Santa Claus," promising to bring G.I. Joes and Thundercats to his fans. And Gucci sweaters.

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