Incoming: Owen Pallett at Fingerprints Records
Andrew Youssef

Incoming: Owen Pallett at Fingerprints Records

"O Canada", we still haven't forgiven you for defeating the US hockey team in the gold medal game at the Olympics. Lucky for you, the amount of cool Canadian indie bands that you export is very impressive (excluding the horrid Nickelback). One such export is the obscenely talented composer and violinist Owen Pallett who has shed his previous moniker as Final Fantasy to avoid legal prosecution.

Scoring pieces for bands such as Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, and The Last Shadow Puppets, Owen Pallett's services always are in demand. After a successful stop at Coachella in heat that almost melted his violin, Pallett will return to the cozy confines of Fingerprints Records this upcoming Monday, May 3rd playing material from his latest album, Heartland. Pallett is a one man orchestra using a looping pedal to build layer upon layer of sound on his electric violin for highly articulate songs. (Think Andrew Bird-lite.) It's a little like watching a circus act, seeing how he manipulates all these sounds and textures from one instrument.

Don't believe us? Tune in to

KCRW 89.9

on Monday, 11:15 a.m. to hear a live in-studio performance by Pallett before he heads down to Long Beach. If you're smart, you'll call Fingerprints Records at (562) 433-4996 to RSVP for your ticket to attend his performance.


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