Demo of Micro Championship Wrestling: 'I Was Never Into Music Until I Started Deejaying at Strip Clubs'

We recently caught up with Demo, "the World's Smallest Wrestler," from Micro Championship Wrestling to ask him what he likes to do when he's not kicking large amounts of ass in the ring. He is going to be performing tonight at the Galaxy Concert Theatre alongside Middle Class Rejects. After the jump, read about his strip-club deejaying other life and how he loves fathering.
OC Weekly: W
ho is your favorite wrestler and why?

Growing up, I was a big Macho Man fan 'cause of the way he talked and always had Miss Elizabeth at his side. I also loved Road Warriors.

How long have you been wrestling for? How did you get into it?
I started 10 years ago in Tampa, Florida. I went to POW wrestling school and trained with average-sized wrestlers.

So why Demo? How did you get that name?
Demo is short for demolition, and the guy that got me started gave me the name.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?
I never really was into music till I started deejaying at strip clubs.

What do you listen to while you train?
When I train, I listen to rock--Godsmack, Metallica, etc.

How do you feel about all of the different labels applied to your community?
I don't care about the labels they put on us. . . . What I do care about is showing people that don't know us or never seen our show before that we are TOTAL athletes and not just a bunch of elves, cupids and leprechauns.

How much longer you think you will be kicking peoples asses (theatrically, anyway) for?
I got roughly three years left in me. I'm 38 years old.

I feel ya, man. What do you like to do in your free time--whenever you have some?
In my free time, I spend with my son. I have another little boy on the way, too.

Congrats! What do you want to do after then? Any backup career plans?
I deejay at Pink Pony in Tampa, and hopefully, I can own my own lounge or club.

Anything else you would like to say?
Just so you know . . . we are not MWF (Micro Wrestling Federation)! We are MCW (Micro Championship Wrestling)! That other company are D-rated losers who use our images to promote their shows. So get that straight, please.

Micro Championship Wrestling will be duking it out at Galaxy Concert Theatre tonight at 8 p.m. $25.


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