Embedded within the great-man theory of history are all the little guys who get to watch it happen—the first row at the Gettysburg Address, the stevedores who piled the hardtack on the Mayflower, the guy who had to sweep up after they launched Apollo 11. And although the famous maybe-it-was-a-UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 hasn’t quite been satisfactorily verified, author Don Schmitt has collected plenty of little guys who say they watched as it happened. But as any JFK researcher will tell you—probably at a late-night diner with the blinds slatted shut—human memory is an unreliable thing. Schmitt’s Witness to Roswell (published last year with co-author Thomas J. Carey) collects eyewitness accounts detailing the crash and secret recovery of an extraterrestrial vehicle and a live pilot—the strawberry-ice-cream-loving EBE later made infamous in UFO Cover-Up Live?—and subsequent gov-thug cover-up. Conclusive evidence? Or convincing hearsay? MUFON OC gets you one conference closer to the answer. Hopefully coming soon: the truth behind Project Beta?
Tue., Nov. 18, 7:40 p.m., 2008


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