Zpizza Offering Buy One, Get One Free Deal on its New Rustica Pizzas Starting NOW

I've had Zpizza before, and it's good for a chain: thin, flavorful, with a good sauce, milky cheese, and a crunchy crust. I didn't know–or rather, forgot–they were originally from Laguna, which means I'll urge folks to buy from them when looking for mass-order pizzas. And to further entice those eaters, I'll tell them about Z's buy-one, get-one-free deal.

The chain is unveiling a new Rustica class–essentially, their way of introducing to mainstream eaters the type of flavored pizzas long ago tried by California Pizza Kitchen. Pear and Gorgonzola? Been there, done that–and it's a good combo. Curry chicken and yam? Didn't Wolfgang try that 25 years ago? But whatever with my griping–I'll buy some pizzas for that deal. No pan pan here!

No need to hurry on the deal–it ends January 31, 2011. And if you're a member of ztribe, their crazily named loyalty program?

One free rustica with no purchase! Oh, happy day!

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