Zombie Dawn, Praised Low-Budget Flick, Terrorizes Orange Audiences Starting Today

Zombies have replaced vampires as the go-to horror movie monster in the U.S., and the march of the undead has continued onto the small screen with AMC's most-excellent The Walking Dead.

It's been an international phenomenon as well. Think back to 2004 and Shaun of the Dead from the U.K., or last year's The Dead, another U.K. production set on the African coast. Opening today in Orange, from Chile, is Zombie Dawn.

Presented here in Spanish with English subtitles, the film takes place in 2006, when a mysterious incident at a remote mining facility
unleashes a horde hungry for human flesh. As zombies decimate
large portions of South American cities and countryside, it is decided the only course of action
is to rapidly seal off the infected areas. Fast forward 15 years later, and what remains of the government and mining company are dedicated to finding out what happened–by sending a cynical but no-nonsense colonel and
investigative scientists into the quarantined zone to find answers.

Zombie Dawn is low budget zombie horror done right,” reports AintItCool.com, one of many that have heaped praise on the movie. “It has that gritty
feel as if it were made right about the same time as Dawn of the Dead while embracing films like Peckinpah and the old spaghetti westerns . . .”

Zombie Dawn opens today at AMC Orange 30, where ticket buyers will receive free copies of the comic book Zombie Dawn: Safehouse, which delivers the prequel story. Find out more at the official website www.zombiedawnmovie.com, or on Facebook:

Here is the trailer:

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