Ziggy Marley's 'Wild and Free Singles'

Following the 2009 release of his children's album “Family Time,”
reggae musician Ziggy Marley is making music “wild and free” these
days. A new series of singles randomly composed by the singer-guitarist
are being released on his website as mp3 downloads with absolutely no
cost to interested fans.

As the oldest son of the legendary Bob Marley

“My friends I want to announce the launch of the wild and free
singles. It's hard not to make music and since I happen to be in the
studio I thought why not make some songs in between albums. So I decided to record a collection of singles which means one
song at a time and call it the wild and free singles because they are
just that, wild and free. I'll put them out as they come you can't control these things you
know. Please feel free to send your family and friends to the sites to
get the songs as they come out or share them out yourself. It's going to be a lot of fun doing these songs for you. Share and enjoy. Wild and free. love ziggy.”

The first song in the series, Africa Land, was inspired by last summer's World Cup festivities in South Africa and features brother Stephen Marley. The second single to follow is A Fire Burns for Freedom. A pro-hemp/marijuana anthem, Ziggy Marley sings of what he sees as the plant's positive multipurpose uses. In an accompanying interview on YouTube, the reggae musician explained prior to Proposition 19's reckoning day at the ballot how the appraisal of marijuana and the move to legalize it should be much more expansive in its vision.

A Fire Burns for Freedom as well as Africa Land are available for download at Ziggy Marley's official website. Keep it posted there for future tracks to come in the “Wild and Free” recession proof series!

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