Your Favorite Rappers Reimagined as Food

In a world where food can be just as important to a person's livelihood as music, the two undoubtedly share some characteristics that can reflect exactly what our favorite artists mean to us when compared to our favorite eats. Rappers, known for their boisterous personalities make it easier to draw lines between these essentials. And whether you're listening to your favorite album or scarfing a meal, both activities are best experienced while you have a little buzz going. So, if you're not already faded, take a hit, take a bite, and take a look at your favorite rappers in their edible forms.


Childish Gambino: Pho
This bowl of stuff with vegetables and other garnishing on the surface is the stuff that most hip-hop fans wouldn't blink an eye at but then get a taste and realize that this mixture of hot (flows) and its ability to leave you with something (tasty, spicy broth), makes for a great listen of authentic music as real as Phong, you waiter's accent. “Asian girls everywhere; UCLA”

YG: Collared Greens w/ Sugar & Louisiana Hot Sauce
Not many people have heard of it ,but those who have, especially those in the hood, love it. It'll take some time to cook up into its best form–analogically the time it took for the artist to progress from the guy on “Toot It and Boot It” to the beast on “Who Do You Love.” But when it's ready, like MKL ready, there aren't many other items at the cookout (Library), you'd want on your plate (playlist). Warning: though not to be confused with Mustard or Chronic greens, together, they all make one hell of a medley.


Rick Ross: Carbonara with Turkey meat
Damn, it could be some of the best pasta you've ever had. But upon a closer look, you realize the protein in your very eloquent entrée on a goddamn Versace plate is… Turkey?!! Oh, hell naw! This ain't authentic! You want the stuff your favorite gangsters chow down on after putting somebody in a ditch. But you sit down at the table and take a bite (listen) anyway, since all your friends are doing it and decide you could do this every so often. By the way, the cream was actually kinda good.

Pusha T: Steamed Quinoa
Weird how this stuff's been around forever but only now getting some real buzz as America looks for the next most organic-looking thing to symbolize what it means to be healthy. Yay, now we have the uber popular product that tastes virtually the same no matter what you put with it. This is not to take away from the wonder of the grain that is the essence of food, but as of late, people have been devouring it as if it'll make up for the years of processed, oversaturated substance they've been having for years. It's a wonder to think how people responsible for cultivating the food for what must be millennia feel to now see their product making it big time. G.O.O.D.?

Gucci Mane: Sloppy Joe
From a distance and in the right situation, the Sloppy Joe is appetizing; there aren't many things like it but it's (his flow) basic at the same time–like really basic. For a while you can see yourself diggin the Sloppy Joe and the way it kinda dribbles along, offering an alternative to your ordinary hamburger. But then it just gets nasty; beef everywhere making you look like a dumbass for defending the degenerative concoction. So you standby, like everyone, waiting for the day until it's forgotten. But then, yep, mass production; Manwich. You start getting these derivations (Waka Flocka and Chief Keef) following along doing the same but just a little less tasteful and the worst part about it is people are eating it all up.

Big Sean: Bacon Wrapped Ghetto Dogs
Simple, yet able to thoroughly please you and have you anticipating the next time you can get some, the bacon wrapped hot dog makes you hope the trend blew up earlier. It's great following a night of partying, cause it's not too heavy (slow) to make you pass out at 2AM but has the pizzazz to warrant hitting up an after-hours spot, whether it be a strip club, as “A$$” plays, or hitting up a chick on the late night tip as “Marvin & Chardonnay” puts you in Joe Cool mode.

Future: Chicken and Waffles
This Sothern favorite is such a great idea it couldn't help but become commercially recognized. Though, a beautiful matrimony of sweet and salty–girls dig the syrup, while dudes get with the abrasive savor of the chicken–Chicken and Waffles are not to be had all the time, for it's not conducive to a well-rounded diet. Many are uncertain how long the trend will last but for now we won't question it and satisfactorily chew it up telling all of our friends how much their missing out on.

Kanye: Beef JERKy
With the claims of being contaminated with mad cow and being potentially harmful to the environment, beef, in its jerky from did for the people trying to survive in the wild (industry) that no one else can. Yeah, it can be hard to swallow sometimes but unless you like your other beef really dry, this gives you something to chew on with one of the most distinct flavors to ever stimulate your palette. But even though beef jerky changed the climate on what it is to be a piece of beef, it's still treated like a second-rate product.

Macklemore: Chipotle Burrito
People who've been eating burritos for years now are wondering if one should “rap” like that. Everybody's doing their best to challenge its authenticity but as of late, the masses can't get enough of it. And it'd make sense for a monolith like this to be associated with the big corporation game, right. But no, the Chipotle burrito is on its indie shit and seems like it'll remain that way for the foreseeable future. Further the statement this company has been making regarding more humane treatment of living things and embracing higher ideals of consumption is only making it more appealing. Hate it if you want, but for better or for worse, this is grub the whole word wants a bite of.

Drake: Gallon of Ben & Jerry's
Fellas, know that tub of delectable sweetness in the fridge is meant solely for your girls' purposes. Things have been stressful lately, and nothing can mitigate a chick's feelings like a few spoonfuls or of their favorite flavor. Dudes will indulge just as much, though, and front like they haven't devoured a gallon of Chunky Monkey in one sitting (i.e. bumping Take Care back to back for a three consecutive months). Thing about is, Ben and Jerry has as assortment of flavors to offer, which are truthfully all very tasty and full of spunk lots of other ice cream companies lack and able to please those looking for something flashy (Everything but the…) or those with a taste for a sweet, chocolate classic (Cherry Garcia). Ben and his R&B loving ass homie Jerry, maintaining buzz all the while, will go down in history indubitably.

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