You Love Our Crappy Website!

We know, we know: our website sucks. Search engine barely works, our former archived issues section is gone and this infernal blog rarely is updated–and even then, mostly by Brennan and yo. Nevertheless, ustedes love us. A recent study by the Center for Media Research discovered that your favorite rag recorded the third-largest net gain of web readers out of all the alt-weeklies in the country (only the venerable Village Voice and LA Weekly beat us–suck on it, everyone else!). What does net gain mean? Let's take the report's findings on the Village Voice:

The report shows that the weekly New York Village Voice attracts 556,500 readers each month but after elimination of those who also read the print edition the publication's net gain is 242,896.

The OC Weekly's net gain is 151,286 unique web readers–although I'd wager that most are probably readers of Daily Rotten who follow their link whenever we write stories about faked dildo rapes.

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