You Can’t Be Cereal? Ladera Ranch Dad’s Cheerios Challenge Takes Off

Ladera Ranch dad Patrick Quinn just caught fire on the webby webs with his Cheerios Challenge.

Basically his idea is to stack as many individual pieces of the nearly tasteless O’s as possible on the bridge of the nose of a sleeping baby.

(Some stackers do prefer a chubby cheek, however.)

WARNING: You should know the baby before attempting the feat lest you be subject to the scorn of police, Nancy Grace and General Mills.

Quinn, who co-founded the Life of Dad entertainment destination, posted the opener image of his sleeping 3-month-old son Maxton.

“Can you top 5??? Prove it when you do,” Quinn wrote.

His post quickly received 10,000 comments and hundreds of photos and videos.

Included were shots by competitive dads who wanted to beat Quinn. Ah, boys. Wonder how many used Krazy Glue.

Even Macklemore got in on the action, as this Quinn post shows: 

The Cheerios Challenge caught the attention of General Mills, which compiled the photos and videos for an instant marketing campaign that Don Draper immediately took credit for creating.

Dibs on the Runny Eggs, Greasy Bacon and Scalding Coffee Challenge.

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