You Can Still Get Tickets to Try EVERYTHING at Santa Ana's 4th Street Market

I will admit that I've yet to try every single food purveyor in Downtown Santa Ana's 4th Street Market. I've consumed at a lot of them — every Quinn establishment, Dos Chinos, Waffles Inc, Portola, Radical Botanicals, Front Porch Pops, Contra Coffee — sure, and I'm sure you have too, but all of them?

Well, for those of you playing catch up, there's an event next Thursday designed just for you, the inaugural 4th Street Market Culinary Crawl. For the perfectly reasonable price of $85 (gratuity included), you can taste food from all 15 restaurants (not to mention Honor Roll grocery, Electric City Butcher, and some of the East End Kitchen food producers).


In addition to the food, you'll get to tour the kitchens, and be privy to a few demonstrations as well.

From the description:

Taste EVERYTHING the market has to offer! Guests will enjoy tasting portions from all of our chefs and restaurants, tours of East End “Incubator” Kitchens and demos by the gourmet food artisans that work in EEK, the Honor Roll “atypical grocer,” and demos from Chef Michael Puglisi's Electric City Butcher. You'll taste it all, watch how it's all made, and meet the chefs and restaurateurs behind the magic curtain!

The event kicks off at the Foodbeast Kitchens at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 25. Last I checked, there were a handful of tickets left. You can grab 'em here.

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