You Can Order Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Straight From the Factory, But Why Would You?

So, I learned the other day that you can actually order Reese's Peanut Butter Cups straight “from the factory.” Just go to Hershey's website and give them about $30 (plus extra for shipping and even more extra for fancy, schmancy cold shipping if you're in a state not hit by a polar vortex), and they'll send you 72 Reese's straight from the factory. They ship in two weeks, and, as Hershey's claims, they taste even better because the peanut butter is fresh.

But before you all click away to spend some money, let me ask you a question.


When was the last time you bit into a Reese's and thought to yourself, “Man, I wished this peanut butter was a little fresher”?

Seriously, I don't think that anyone would ever give freshness a second thought if it weren't for this marketing gimmick. I'm honestly convinced that one of the reasons the peanut butter cups taste so good to begin with is because the peanut butter is dry and crumbly and decidely not fresh.

Eat a fresh peanut butter cup, and you're just taking away the best part. I'd rather have a months old peanut butter Christmas tree any day.

And one more thing: Did they really have to call it “Fresh from the Factory”? They couldn't gone with kitchen or oven or something more delicious sounding than “factory”? I'm all for truth in advertising, but sometimes I'd rather not be reminded of the fact that a bunch of what I eat is assembled in a place that could probably be retooled to make graphing calculators.

Just me I guess.

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