You Can Now Watch Donald Trump Video 24-7. You’re Welcome

Having watched CNN daily from the time Donald Trump was considered a stunt candidate through this week’s GOP convention in Cleveland, I thought the network Ted Turner founded was the unofficial Donald Trump channel.

Seriously, some enterprising journalist should some day count the minutes of coverage CNN has given Trump versus other presidential candidates once the smoke from this election clears. The gap between Trump and the others is bound to be YUGE!

But as it turns out, some fellows in Singapore created

The Cornflix production shows Trump videos, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, positive or negative toward his candidacy, from rallies and commentary to roasts and satire. plays the most popular Trump videos on the Internet “back-to-back with a binge-able TV feel,” promise promoters. “If not story-worthy itself you can leave it on the background and keep up with the buzz.”

When I just clicked on the link while writing this, up popped an extreme closeup of a lady in a cowboy hat at the Republican convention, showing off her Donald Trump doll.

Users are also invited to vote #Trump or #NotTrump, with poll results appearing instantly.

Now THIS demands the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment!

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