You Can Now Get Fancy Toast at Dough Exchange

Have you ever wanted to see what it was like to live in uber hip cities like San Francisco or Seattle without all of that fog and rain? Did you hear about the artisan toast trend last year and ache for your love of gluten and the Maillard reaction?

Well, now you can solve that last problem in your own backyard. Jason Quinn's Dough Exchange (now located in the Honor Roll grocery in the 4th Street Market) is now serving fancy ass toast.


Varieties are countless and, knowing Jason, continually rotating, so I'll decline to list them here, but head over to Dough Exchange's Instagram and scroll around a little bit. You'll drool, I'm sure.

And before you start rolling your eyes, this isn't no wimpy cinnamon or avocado toast you can get in San Francisco. Every single slice I've had has been served up on thick cut, beautiful Dough Exchange bread and topped with some wondrous toppings. They've got both sweet and savory varietals to cover everything you fancy.

And for comparison purposes, here's some shitty hipster toast I had the last time I was in San Francisco.

I'm eating $4 hipster toast

A photo posted by Charles Lam (@charlesnlam) on

It sucked.

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