You Can Download Free A Grateful Dead Live Track Every Day This Month; They Won't Be Custy Songs

Starting today (the Day of the Dead, who woulda thunk?) the official website of the Grateful Dead, will launch the “30 Days of Dead” where the site will post a different live track on It will be free to download, but only for one day.

Handpicked by the band's archivist, Dave Lemieux, the songs will exemplify the best of the band's 30-year-career. All the songs will be high-quality mp3s (320 kps)  and nearly all of the 30 tracks are previously unreleased soundboard recordings.


So sure, the 30 Days of Dead are supposed to be a project to commemorate the spirit of all the Dead tapers out there, but custies like us will still be able to appreciate all the songs, popular or not.

But wait, there's more! If you identify when and where the song was recorded, you get a chance to win the recently
released Warner Bros. Studio Album Vinyl Box and the Formerly The
Warlocks boxed set.

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