You and Memes Against the World: Five Best Halloween Costumes This Year Thanks to the Internet

​Don't know what you're going to be for Halloween? Never fear–the Internet not only has costumes for every viral video ever created, but also instructions on how to make them if you're too poor to buy a costume.

1. Bed Intruder
Yes, Antoine Dodson has parlayed his fame into not only a chart-busting iTunes hit, he's also become a Halloween costume. 
Available at, the costume–which includes 
• Antoine Dodson Custom Hair Wig 
• Red Bandana
• Black Tank Top
• Antoine's Autographed rolled up paper
is on sale for $17.99.

2. Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

4. Double Rainbow costume

What does it mean? It means any item of clothing can be used to be the double rainbow dude; all you need is some Rit dye.
5. Old Spice Guy
A towel, a yellow sweater and a bottle of Old Spice, and you're done! (A friend said you also had to be a hot black man to pull this off.)