Yoshinoya Opens Asiana Grill Concept in Fullerton

As I reported months ago, Yoshinoya has converted its restaurant in Fullerton into a new concept called Asiana Grill–something that Yoshinoya Corporate is all too eager to announce is ready for franchising. They had their ribbon-cutting at the flagship store yesterday and are open for business today at 450 North State College Blvd, Fullerton.

Since I'm currently blogging this on an iPhone, I'll make this brief and simply cut and paste what the press release says about the concept. I've not yet been, but the release says it all, but it does sounds a bit like Mongolian BBQ, if you ask me.


The company describes it this way:

Depending on the protein choice selected by the customer, dishes are prepared fast and fresh before their eyes, either teppanyaki style or yakitori style. Cooked fresh on the grill, in an exhibition style open kitchen. Customers choose their meal to be served on a plate, as a soup, a salad, or on a bun. Yoshinoya has created several unique Asian sauces exclusively for Asiana Grill Yoshinoya.

Wassat? All you want is the same ol' beef bowl? They've got that, too.

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