Yoda OG Pure Cannabis Oil: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Yoda OG Indica Cannabis Oil
Dispensary: Super Clinik 2525 S. Birch St. Santa Ana 92707 
Price: $40.00 per 700mg

Jetty Extracts is one of those companies that have taken cannabis oil to another level. Founded in 2013 in San Diego by a couple of surfer dudes, they use a pharmaceutical-grade process to extract the cannabinoids that eliminates any residual chemicals, leaving a pure and smooth product with high viscosity.

Jetty has a program called Shelter from the Storm. For every gram purchased they donate a gram to cancer patients in California. It’s a unique program but one that should be commonplace. Hopefully as the City of SanTana starts to collect the tax windfall that is expected, they might want to consider to include in their dispensary standards a requirement to donate to terminal cancer patients. I was fortunate and could afford medical marijuana during my year and a half of chemo and radiation but not all can afford the higher priced indica strains that worked so well for me. 

I chose their flagship product, Jetty Pure, Yoda OG, which has 73.66 percent THC,  .07 percent CBD and .29 percent CBN. They have other options including a CBD Blend with a higher CBD percentage and their Jetty Gold for premium potency up to and greater than 80%THC. I also purchased their Jetty vape pen because I left mine in El Segundo.

The cannabis oil is very rich looking, and has a nice flavor. The vape pen comes in handy as I drive around town after eating a juicy Wayback burger for lunch. I have a pretty decent buzz by the time I get home. The indica is pretty strong but not knock me out strong. It’s really enjoyable and I settle in to watch some TV. A few more puffs, and now I’m very relaxed. The Force is strong with Yoda OG!

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