Yes, Red Velvet Oreos Are Coming Soon; Yes, We Will Be Eating Them

For Valentine's Day, Nabisco will be selling limited edition red velvet Oreos. The cookies are going to be available for about six weeks starting from Feb. 2.

Now, before you get excited, a little birdie told me that the only thing that makes these Oreos “red velvet” is the cream-cheese frosting, which I've heard doesn't even particularly have a strong cream cheese flavor. The red cookies reportedly aren't even any different; they're just the standard Oreo cookies dyed red.

Check after the jump for how you can get these early.


Nabisco is hosting a drawing to ship out a few thousand packages of the cookies before they're officially available. You can sign up at this website: Deadline is Jan. 22.

What with Ryan Cady think when he eats them? Look out for that soon.

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