Yes, Foie Gras Is Back; This Is Where You Can Eat It in OC

Foie gras became legal in California again yesterday (at least, for now) when a Federal judge in Los Angeles decided that the law overstepped the powers afforded to the state of California. That means that, starting yesterday, foie gras has started to show back up on Orange County menus.

You don't have to drive to Vegas anymore, because here's where you can eat it…NOW.


The foie gras-loving chef Jason Quinn of the Playground stuck, as he called it, “fat knobs of Foie torchon” into their duck ramen yesterday to celebrate. You all know how the rotating menu at the Playground works, so check out their website once the menu updates, around 3 p.m., to see what they're going to put foie into today.

Chef Yvon Goetz of The Winery in Newport Beach had a pan-seared foie with caramelized strawberry gastrique and toasted brioche with 25-year aged balsamic yesterday.

Orange County classic Haven Gastropub (Chefs Greg Daniels and Craig Brady) had foie gras ice cream served with blueberry-thyme syrup and truffled french toast available. Sounds very decadent.

On Friday, Stonehill Tavern in Dana Point will start to offer a range of foie dishes. Stonehill Executive Chef Raj Dixit put in his order for some cage-free foie as early as he could after the decision.

And of course, as everyone gets their stocks reloaded, more restaurants will have their dishes up.

Now that that's done, I want to remind all of you that there's a chance foie gras goes illegal again. The Attorney General has the ability to appeal the case to the 9th circuit, which has upheld the law before. So, if you've got cravings, fill them now while you know for sure you can.

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