Yep, Someone Made An Umami Cronut Burger

Kids, here's what can happen if you dare to dream. By now, we all know that the Cronut is the “Gangnam Style” of 2013, a viral spectacle that had the world asking, “What is that and why can't I stop staring?” But for one man, it wasn't enough to simply get his hands on the mystical doughnut-croissant hybrid. No, he wanted more.

Matthew Schonfeld of NYC-based food blog First We Feast had one mission: to make an Umami Cronut Burger. Umami Burger just opened its first location in Manhattan, so this would be a hype-on-hype creation. Read about the epic quest and check out photos of the masterpiece here.


In the end, he succeeded. “To my surprise, the flavors melded well,” he writes. “The blackberry filling sweetened the savory Umami flavoring. As my waitress told me, 'It looks like a heart attack on a plate.' I corrected her, 'A little sweeter than a heart attack.'

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