Yelp Releases 2014 Top 100 List, Orange County Takes Nine Spots

I've always thought Orange County food was under-rated. I mean, we know it's good, but the rest of the United States? They need some learnin'. And that truth always comes out when Yelp publishes their yearly Yelpiest lists. First, Bruxie topped the list in 2011. Last year, Orange County took six spots. This year? We're all the way up to nine.

So congratulations to those nine. Who won it for us this year? We'll Mama D's made the list again, and for the rest, you'll just have to check after the jump.


In order, OC's Yelpiest places this year are..

Kech Cafe in Fountain Valley, who came in at 24.
Sessions West Coast Deli in Newport, who came in at 31.
Mama D's in Newps at 59.
Subculture Extraordinary Sandwiches at 61.
Genie Den in Garden Grove at 66.
The Pocket Burger in Sunset Beach (Yes, that's in Orange County) at 82.
The venerable Playground 2.0 at 84.
Istanbul Grill California in Fountain Valley at 88.

And, of course, Cream Pan in Tustin at 99.

As a bonus, the Porto's Burbank location made 40, and the Buena Park location is opening.. eventually.

Missing from this years list after placing on last years is DisneylandDole Whip, Frostbites in Cypress, Sabroso! Mexican Grill in Garden Grove, and Mattern Sausage and Deli in Orange. Two year repeats are Cream Pan (who placed at 31 last year) and Mama D's (who placed 68th).

As always, congratulations all, and look out for our top 100, which will begin later this year.

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