Price: THCA WASH $28 THCA SOAK  $18
Dispensary: 420 CENTRAL, 420 W.Central Santa Ana CA 92707 714-540-4420


Price: THCA WASH $28 THCA SOAK  $18
Dispensary: 420 CENTRAL, 420 W.Central Santa Ana CA 92707 714-540-4420

“It Works” is the slogan for the products made by XTERNALRUB company, which of course made me a little skeptical. Llet me be the judge if it works or not, mmkay? In any case, I was glad to see another THCA product on the market. My previous experience with THCA was very positive: it’s very similar to CBD, it relaxes you, and it has zero hallucinogenic attributes.

THCA is the form of THC before the cannabis plant is dried out for smoking purposes. It’s being used to treat chronic Lupus by juicing the cannabis plant. It also inhibits cancer cell growth. BOOM!
I’m not one to use body wash or soak in the tub. Just a regular dude here, I even had to Google “body wash” to make sure I used it properly. Ha!

Also, I didn’t want to use both products at the same time, THCA in my experience is pretty strong, I didn’t want to knock out in the bathtub, no, not today Satan. I had to work Saturday and had plans to go to a friend’s party for a bit, then pick up my sister at the airport. I got off work and took my shower using the Xternal WASH per directions: Shake well. Apply as needed. There’s no indication what percentage of THCA is in the bottle, but the ingredients do list Sativa bran oil and cannabis, besides the oils and fruity stuff.

So now I had to determine if my shower relaxed me, which is normal after a hard day’s work, or was it the THCA. I definitely felt relaxed, so much that I passed out for a few minutes. I was seriously doubting if I was going to get to my friend’s party, finally around 9 p.m. I got my butt in gear and drove the 5 blocks to his house. I didn’t drink, but I had a great time in the 45 minutes I was there. Now I was off to the airport and this is when I could tell I was feeling the effects of the THCA.

I was driving and it’s about 4 hours after my shower but my face is feeling numb, similar to how CBD gets me. The real sign that “It Works” was the next day when I went to work, I felt refreshed and I had a nice kick in my step. Usually it takes me some time to warm up, the neuropathy in my feet slows me down, but I felt great. The THCA must have allowed me to get a good night’s sleep and that transferred to my new found early morning energy.

The Xternal SOAK was a different story. It worked, but not as well as the WASH. I soaked for a good 15 minutes and I did feel relaxed but not to the degree that I did with the WASH. I would use the SOAK for a foot soak, with one of those foot whirlpool machines, and just concentrate on my neuropathic feet. BTW, the WASH left my skin very soft and I smelled nice and purty.

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