XJ-13 Hybrid Sativa: Our Toke of the Week!

XJ-13 Sativa Hybrid

XJ-13 is a perfect entry level flower for the novice weed smoker. We are getting closer to the day when all you will need is a driver’s license or picture I.D. to enter a dispensary. No more Doctors recommendations, just a simple scan and you’re in. But once you enter the dispensary it might be somewhat overwhelming if it’s your first time. Vials and containers of indica, sativa, and hybrids. Loud music, so many edibles, so many choices!

XJ-13 is a cross between Jack Herer and G13 Haze, two very potent sativas, so you’ll feel high but won’t pass out or feel out of control. A strong indica can be a bit much sometimes when you want to get high but you also want to finish watching your Netflix show or your reading and keep starting the same page over and over. You might want to get super faded and there’s a flower for that, but with XJ-13 you can smoke this all day as you do your chores or go shopping and enjoy a good buzz and you won’t forget the milk!

The aroma of XJ-13 is piney and citrusy, I enjoy smoking from a pipe so I packed it with a few nugs and took a slow toke. It was very smooth not harsh at all. I took a few more tokes and started to get a slight buzz, I like to take my time, sometimes these hybrids can be a creeper and sure enough the buzz came on as I waited between tokes. It was also Halloween so I put the whole basket of candy out and let the kids use the honor system. No tricks, all treats!

Available at Evergreen, 1320 E. Edinger, Santa Ana, 92705. (714) 486-1806. $35 1/8.

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