X Files Actor, A Savage Rapist, Loses Appeal That All-White Jury Robbed Him Of Justice

An X Files supporting actor who beat, burned, raped, sodomized, mutilated and tortured his wife in Orange County during a four-day crack cocaine binge in 2005 has lost an appeal to overturn his conviction and a 144-year prison sentence.

After both the California Supreme Court and a state appellate court refused to grant him relief in prior years, Prince Edward Maryland hoped federal judges would agree that he’s innocent and that his 2007 trial under Judge John Conley’s supervision was a travesty of justice based largely on supposed prosecutorial misconduct.

Maryland–an African American who claims he is a prolific screenwriter and is related to ex-Dallas Cowboys star Russell Maryland–insisted the government’s cheating worked because he faced “an all-white jury” and his victim was Caucasian.


“If this case is not overturned, it is a fundamental miscarriage of justice,” he said in his rambling appeal.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick J. Walsh studied Maryland’s complaint–including his laughable assertion that blood found on a crime scene butcher’s knife by Orange County Sheriff’s Department forensic specialists was actually chocolate–and rejected all eight arguments for a new trial.

Walsh labeled evidence of the 49-year-old’s guilt “overwhelming.”

In mid-January, U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero accepted those findings.

After a high-speed car chase ended in Maryland’s arrest, he told sheriff’s deputies that his wife asked him to gruesomely beat her to satisfy her kinky desires and that, as a good husband, he obliged.


Prosecutor Lynda Fernandez discovered a different, more reality-based explanation. He’d gone into a paranoid, drug-fueled rage thinking that his wife had been cheating on him because he found a male friend’s contact information in her cell phone. His punishment included shoving a hot crack cocaine pipe in her vagina while announcing he didn’t want any other man to have sexual relations with her.

The OC Weekly featured Maryland in 2012 cover story after learning that the rapist–who has a lengthy criminal record of severely beating women and worked as a pimp, drug dealer and gigolo before winning a role on X Files–launched dubious anti-domestic violence charities from his prison cell to raise money from unsuspecting donors.

In response, Maryland claimed he hadn’t authorize the article exposing his activities and, seeking more than $1 million, sued me, editor Gustavo Arellano and the Weekly, but a federal judge based in San Diego quickly tossed out the lawsuit as frivolous.

He’s presently housed at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County and bitterly complains that officials move him from prison to prison “like a ping pong ball.”

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