Wursthaus Is Finally Opening THIS FRIDAY

After a long, long wait, Wursthaus will finally be opening this Friday on February 20th in Downtown SanTana. As some of you know, we've been anticipating this since September 2014. Details for the grand opening (special deals and such) have not yet been confirmed, but soft opening activities will be starting early this week. So care to walk by – chances are you might be able to come in and try something. YES!


Co-owner Gabriel Ruiz says the Wursthaus team has been working hard to “bring a LA vibe to Orange County.” Wursthaus is designed to be an express eatery and hangout spot with a cool, intimate vibe. The interior is industrial and the lighting is dim. Gabriel says there are intentionally no TVs so people can focus on who's in front of them, and only a candle stands in between. He also emphasized that music (perhaps live of some sort…hmm…) will be provided.

Among the 24 sausages you'll be able to choose from, some will be exotic (like rabbit and lamb) and others will be more conventional (like chicken jalapeno, turkey, and cheddar). They'll be served in a pretzel bun or regular French roll and can be topped with jalapenos, bell peppers, and sauerkraut. Fries come with dipping sauces like sriracha cream, jalapeno ranch, bleu cheese aoli, red hot ranch, honey mustard, and chipotle aoli – just to name a few.

Be sure to try the drunken fries though, with are topped with caramelized onions and made with beer. Speaking of beer, they'll have imported Belgian beers of all styles, from the sour to the quad, and a beautiful tap sits in the back room where the seating is. Also on tap are two types of iced coffee, including Stumptown's hyped nitro cold brew.

Excited? Us too.

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