Wu-Tang Clan Regroups for 'Legendary Weapons'

The constant question surrounding every new Wu-Tang Clan album is whether the “Slums of Shaolin” MCs are still “nothin' to fuck wit.” The deep imprint of Wu members was felt on Kanye West's ultra-hyped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy letting hip-hop heads know where they stood among the newcomers featured on the effort. Raekwon's 2011 solo effort Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang posted strong chart positions upon its release illustrating that individual members still have staying power on their own away from the group.

Respect is always a given since Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and the follow-up double disc classic Wu-Tang Forever set the bar so high. The latter of which gave us one of the greatest rap videos of all time in 'Triumph' where Inspectah Deck laid down an unmatchable verse to kick things off. The legendary hip-hop super group pressed on through the next decade with notable solo projects and collective releases keeping their relevancy refreshed. The latest of which, Legendary Weapons, brings them into a new era and drops on July 26th.

Though the album leaked online already, it's title track was released to media ahead of the official release date. 'Legendary Weapons' is a snapshot with Ghostface Killah rippin' the first verse with white-hot intensity before being joined by AZ and M.O.P. to round out the track produced by Noah Rubin. It has that old school minimalist gritty feel of Enter the Wu-Tang with chopped up Kung-Fu film samples interspersed in the chorus. Ghostface Killah does a lot of the heavy lifting on the album appearing on an overwhelming number of the songs including anchoring duties on the title track. GZA and Masta Killa don't appear on the effort and there is, of course, the obligatory r.i.p. moment of silence due to Ol' Dirty Bastard.

'Legendary Weapons' is definitely on a head-nod tip and with the saturation of whack shit in commercial hip-hop these days, any effort by the Wu-Tang Clan is definitely appreciated. What do you think? After giving a listen to the track, is the Wu-Tang Clan still 'nothin' to fuck wit?'

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