WTF: Attacked By a Shark? Show Proof and Get Free Sushi At Florida Restaurant

Calling all shark attack victims! Show evidence of your attack–“photos, videos, headlines, and scars” will do–and Kaiju Sushi in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., will give you a free Shark Attack Roll. You know, simply for being badass. 

Because New Smyrna Beach is the shark attack capitol of the world, and maybe because it's #SharkWeek, the sushi joint is offering this special
What better way for us to show god's chainsaw-toothed water-breathing death missiles who's boss than by eating them? Enter the Shark Attack Roll … grilled shark, seaweed salad, and a healthy bit of wasabi all in a massive jaws-caliber uncut handroll.   

The restaurant then adds this disclaimer: 

Although we joke about sharks, we love them and respect their place in the world's ecosystem. We strive to source our shark meat to minimize over-fishing, and actively encourage conservation of one of the most intelligent fish families in the ocean. Many of our sharks were the victims of finning, and would otherwise have gone to waste. We donate to help end this cruel practice and you should do the same.

So, who's in? (Hopefully, not us.) 
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