Wrong Way

Have you felt a burning hole in your soul since the end of Sublime's living reign as the kings of white-boy Rasta? Don't fret: One of the country's most-respected tribute bands is headed your way to ease the pain, coming straight outta . . . Rhode Island? Yup-Providence, to be exact. Badfish, a Sublime tribute band, have made their mark around the country offering a “Sweet-n-Low” substitute for the the reggae-punk power that put the legendary Long Beach trio on the map. The energy of the Providence three-piece onstage is usually the catalyst for roaring crowds who can't help belting out every one of deceased Sublime front man Brad Nowell's lyrics like it's their job. It's not often that you truly get to bask in the nostalgia of better days gone by in the sunny Southern California music scene. Why not do it with a Back East band who throw down like they're from the LBC?
Sun., Feb. 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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