Wow With Your Colorful Brows!

My best friend, who knows enough about makeup to fill a book and from whom I often steal makeup ideas, applies color to her eyebrows as part of her full makeup routine. Using eyeshadow, she transforms her brows into two brightly colored arches above her eyes, complementing her eye makeup and establishing another means to look, well, eye-catching apart from her outfit and hair. Sometimes, her brows will be blue, magenta or green, but whatever color she picks for the day, they always look amazing. And more often than not, she definitely captures attention wherever she goes.

If there’s anything my generation can be known for stylistically, it’s normalizing bold hair colors. Vivid shades such as red, neon green, rainbow or ombre gray were typically only worn by punks, Goths, outsiders and fringe cultures decades earlier, but they are now worn by office receptionists, publicists, models and self-styled fashionistas. So it would only make sense that coloring your eyebrows would be the natural next step, right?

Well, sort of. It’s more of a sleeper trend from the past couple of years. Unlike other eyebrow trends such as microblading and squiggle eyebrows (look it up!), it’s inexpensive, quick and easy to do by yourself. Plus, the results are nothing short of wild, fun and confidence-boosting.

Surprisingly, makeup companies haven’t fully caught on to this as a venerable trend worth producing a specific product for, even though the market for it is there. While combing through YouTube videos, I noted that users RedCarpetVixen, Meteosprite and Mirellabellebeauty all commented that coloring eyebrows was one of their most requested tutorials from viewers.

To accomplish this look, here are some great tips: shape your brows first with a spooley brush or mascara. Eyeshadow works great, but if you have thick eyebrows, colored mascara, lip liner or eyeliner works best. Apply color starting from the middle of the brow outward, using an angled brush to feather out the inner brows for a fade-in look. Carve out the shape of the brow with concealer above and below.

Now, go out and wow with your brows!

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